Trammell Crow Park

Trammell Crow Park is a genteel grassy oasis minutes from L2 Uptown apartments with breathtaking views of the city skyline and miles of hiking trails. Families flock here to picnic, play soccer, fly kites, or simply enjoy the view. You can return to our home page.

By the mid-fifties, Crow was Dallas’ largest warehouse builder and a major real estate developer. Yet he still wanted to do interesting things. 

1. Hiking Trails

Until recently, Dallas wasn’t exactly known as a hiking destination. But thanks to a few bond issues, paved trails have sprung up in the old riverbed and along the levees, so hikers and walkers can enjoy nature in the heart of the city.

There are 4.6 miles of hard-surface trails on the Trinity Skyline Trail and dozens of miles of dirt paths in the riverbed (Trinity Levee Top Loop Trail) that give you an opportunity to explore the city from a completely different perspective. Plus, you can bring your dogs on the trails as long as they’re on leash.

The park also offers soccer fields, Crow Lake, stone cow sculptures, cricket fields, and plenty of benches for outdoor picnics. This is the perfect place for families to lace up their running shoes and get a little exercise in.

2. Soccer Fields

One of America’s most successful real estate developers, Crow’s company owns a staggering 23 million square feet of office space, six million square feet of shopping centers, and an astonishing 113 million square feet of warehouses. It has built major high-rise offices in 78 cities, and it also owns 30 percent of all the warehouses in Dallas.

The park has several amenities for visitors to enjoy including a soccer field, Crow Lake, Trinity Skyline Trail and the Trinity Levee Top Loop Trail, stone cow sculptures, and beautiful views of the downtown city area. It is also the perfect place for families with kids to go on a picnic or fly kites. This makes it a must-visit park in the city. Moreover, it offers ample parking space for its visitors. Visit another area in town here.

3. Cow Sculptures

There’s a herd of cows roaming the grassy fields in downtown Dallas. These bronze sculptures represent a herd of cowboys on a 19th-century cattle drive and give visitors an experience of the history of the state of Texas.

Crow was never a public figure in the way Ross Perot or Erik Jonsson were, but his influence has been pervasive. He pioneered high-rise office buildings in Dallas, and he understood that tenants like shops and art. He set the 2001 Bryan Tower, built in 1972, a full 50 feet from the street to allow for landscaping and art.

He commissioned Robert Summers to create a herd of bronze steers that form a 4.2-acre re-creation of a historic Texas cattle drive, called the Texas Trail. The artwork is one of the most visited attractions in the city.

4. Boating

With its large pond and beautiful views of the Dallas skyline, this riverside park offers boating and water recreation opportunities. There is a boat ramp at Sylvan Avenue to launch canoes, kayaks, and small motorboats.

Located near the bridge spanning the Dallas Floodway, this park also features eye-catching architectural shade structures, soccer fields, and a paved Trinity Levee Top Loop Trail and Trinity Skyline Trail. The park also offers front-row seats to a spectacular view of Downtown Dallas and the Margaret McDermott Bridge.

Many couples come to Trammell Crow Park for romantic picnics and to take scenic photos with the skyline as a backdrop. It is also a favorite spot for engagement and wedding photographers. The vast field and gentle vistas make the park a hot spot for kite flying.

5. Picnic Areas

The stately gazebo and picturesque fountain in this park located in the State Thomas section of Uptown make it one of Dallas’ most popular picnic spots. Despite being one of the most-visited parks in town, it never feels crowded due to its unique layout.

This is a great spot to bring the family or plan a romantic date with a view of downtown. It’s also a popular spot for wedding and engagement photoshoots.

This fun park perched on top of the buried Woodall Rodgers Freeway is like Dallas’ version of New York City’s High Line. It’s packed with year-round activities from kid’s play and yoga to salsa lessons and boot camp fitness classes. There are even food trucks! Browse the next article.


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