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Commercial and industrial buildings take a beating from the weather and from factory chemicals. They can lose their looks over time without proper maintenance and care.

Applying fresh paint is the fastest, most cost-effective way to breathe new life into your commercial or industrial structure. Hiring a commercial painting contractor to paint your building is the only way to guarantee a lasting, professional finish in a timely manner. TJ’s Professional Painting and Construction, LLC has decades of experience exceeding the expectations of Dallas business owners.

Improve the Look of Your Property With Commercial Painting

Faded, chipped, or peeling paint doesn’t do justice to any structure. When it happens to a commercial building, you’ll lose more than just curb appeal. Businesses such as restaurants, strip malls, and banks rely on great exteriors to promote their brands, welcome customers, and inspire trust within the communities that they serve. By hiring us to paint your commercial building, you’ll get a new look without the expense and hassle of a major construction project.

Every moment counts when you have customers to please. That’s one of the reasons why so many commercial buildings remain unkempt. Imagine busy restaurants shutting down their operations to accommodate a painting project. No business operator wants to lose revenue watching paint dry. By hiring the right commercial painters, you don’t have to. Experienced painters have the skills, premium paint products, and high-grade equipment to complete commercial painting projects quickly without compromising high-quality results.

Protect Your Building From Weather Damage With Paint

While the aesthetic benefits of a fresh paint job speak for themselves, many business owners forget about the functional advantages that high-quality paint finishes offer. Commercial and industrial structures are regularly exposed to high temperatures, harsh ultraviolet light, and drenching storms. These elements cause premature deterioration in siding that hasn’t been maintained with paint.

Putting your commercial building on a schedule for fresh paint ensures that your building’s siding will remain sound whether it’s made of steel, stucco, or wood. This is the first line of defense against corrosion that could make your building inefficient or unsafe. Applying new paint also creates a barrier to protect your building’s wood siding against moisture damage and insect infestation. Termite damage repair costs total in the billions across the country. New paint offers a protective shield against the moisture that attracts these pests.

Commercial Painting Projects

At TJ’s Professional Painting and Construction, LLC, we love our job. Each commercial paint project brings its own unique elements that add to our portfolio of work. Our experience extends to revitalizing offices, banks, and condo buildings with paint.

Offices offer a way to show off your brand to visitors and to reinforce your company’s culture to employees and managers. After entering your building, visitors notice drab, dingy walls. These interiors don’t inspire confidence in your team’s abilities to solve problems, meet deadlines, or quality test critical items.

Applying fresh paint to office interiors helps you to greet visitors with confidence. By allowing us to paint your office spaces with your company’s colors and logo, you help to reinforce brand recognition with visitors. Your chosen color combinations can also give visitors a warm welcome or a polished reception.

Paint on interior walls helps to set the atmosphere for your workforce. Many of today’s business owners refuse to play it safe with boring neutral palettes. Instead, they use brighter colors to promote collaboration among team members. When they want to foster an atmosphere of creativity and productivity, they often turn to nature-inspired shades of greens and blues.

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Industrial Painting Projects

Industrial buildings are exposed to more than just natural weather conditions and general wear. Depending on their function, these structures withstand corrosive chemicals, heavy equipment traffic, and extreme heat from welding activities. When surfaces or industrial fixtures become worn, productivity slows, and the factory environment often becomes less safe for workers.

Keeping your warehouse, factory, or manufacturing plant on a regular painting schedule helps you to save time and money in the long run. Our industrial painters prepare and paint a variety of surfaces such as water storage tanks, metal deck ceilings, and epoxy floors.

Our Painting Process From Start to Finish

We get consistently great results because we use tested processes. We’ll begin your project with an on-site inspection. Our experienced technicians listen to your requirements for the space and assess the structure to determine the best course of action. Before giving you a quote on our services, we make sure that you’re clear about the scope of work that’s needed and are content with the expected results that the work will yield.

We know that your time is valuable. Our painters arrive at your worksite on time and ready to prepare the area for paintings, coatings, or finishes. They cover landscaping and fixtures to avoid unsightly and unnecessary paint splashes on your property.

Our technicians prepare surfaces for paint by washing down exterior siding or sanding interior walls. Smooth, clean surfaces are then ready to accept paints, industrial coatings, or other finishes. We use commercial-quality equipment to paint exteriors and interiors quickly and safely.

When it’s time to end the project, we walk customers through a clean worksite. We want to show our work in the best possible light, and that can’t happen if the work area is still cluttered with our paint products and equipment. We hope that our completed project leaves you with the desire to enthusiastically tell your network of business associates and colleagues about our services.

Painting Beautiful Spaces

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Why Choose Us?

TJ’s Professional Painting and Construction, LLC is a licensed and insured commercial painting contractor that specializes in revitalizing and protecting commercial and industrial structures with paint, coatings, and other finishes. We know that you have many choices when it comes to hiring a commercial painting contractor in Dallas TX. Our attention to detail, responsiveness, and competitive rates help to set us apart from our peers.

When selecting a commercial or industrial painting company, you’ll want one that has experience with your type of project. Our portfolio of projects includes a wide selection of success stories. Whether you need to refresh your restaurant’s siding and logo or want to go for a complete color change in your office complex, we’re ready to help.

Some painting companies send in low-ball bids to win contracts but cut corners on the quality of labor and materials. We know that you won’t be satisfied with mediocre results, so we don’t settle for subpar labor, materials, or equipment. Our painters are our employees, and we do background checks to give you extra peace of mind. We use industry-trusted paint brands and updated equipment to deliver professional results.

Planning your next commercial or industrial painting project? Our painters have experience working in challenging environments, and we have the flexibility to work around your company’s schedule. All of our work is backed by a satisfaction guaranteed warranty. Give us a call today to get started on a quote on service.

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