Do you have a Sand Blasting project we can help with?

Do you have a Sand Blasting project we can help with?

Sand Blasting

Sand Blasting

If you’re wondering what sandblasting is, it’s a process of using pressurized air to blast sand onto a surface in order to remove paint or other materials.Sandblasting is a popular method for cleaning and preparing surfaces for repainting because it’s very effective and relatively quick. But it’s not something that just anyone can do – it takes experienced and certified professionals to do it safely and correctly.

That’s where TJ’s Pro Painting Services comes in. We’re an experienced and certified sandblasting company serving the great state of Texas. We’ve been in business for over 7 years and have performed countless sandblasting projects for both residential and commercial customers. So if you need sandblasting services, we’re the company to call!

Our Process

Serving Essential Industries

You are likely wondering what type of commercial properties we sand blast. We have sand blasted almost every type of business:

  • Warehouses Water & Wastewater Facilities and other Public Services

  • Facilities Power Companies

  • Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Factories

  • Malls

  • Offices

  • Condo Associations

  • Industrial Equipment

  • And more

In addition to the businesses on the list, we have power washed a variety of environments of different styles and sizes. We work hard to please our clients and to complete the task no matter how challenging it seems, and we provide quality painting services that speak for themselves. Click below to view our gallery.



Efficient and Effective Cleaning

Sandblasting is a highly efficient and effective method for cleaning facilities and products. It uses high-pressure air or water along with abrasive materials such as sand or grit to remove dirt, rust, old paint, and other contaminants from surfaces. This process ensures a thorough and deep cleaning, leaving your facilities or products looking fresh and revitalized.

Versatile Application

Sandblasting can be applied to a wide range of surfaces and materials, making it suitable for various industries and businesses. It can be used on metal, concrete, wood, brick, and even delicate surfaces like glass or ceramics. Whether you need to clean large industrial equipment, restore a historical building, or prepare surfaces for painting, sandblasting can handle the job effectively.

Surface Preparation

Proper surface preparation is crucial for achieving a durable and long-lasting finish when painting or coating surfaces. Sandblasting provides an ideal surface preparation method by removing contaminants and creating a clean, roughened surface. This ensures better adhesion of paints or coatings, resulting in a smoother, more professional finish and improved durability.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Sandblasting is a time-efficient cleaning method compared to manual cleaning techniques. It can clean large areas or complex shapes in a relatively short amount of time, reducing labor costs and minimizing downtime for businesses. Additionally, sandblasting eliminates the need for harsh chemicals or extensive manual scrubbing, saving costs associated with traditional cleaning methods.

Environmental Benefits

Sandblasting is an environmentally friendly cleaning method as it uses natural and recyclable abrasive materials such as sand, grit, or baking soda. It minimizes the use of harmful chemicals and reduces waste generation. Furthermore, sandblasting can remove lead-based paint or other hazardous substances, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and creating a safer work environment.

Restoration and Maintenance

Sandblasting is not only useful for cleaning but also for restoration and maintenance purposes. It can remove layers of old paint, corrosion, or rust, allowing for surface repairs and subsequent protective coatings. By regularly incorporating sandblasting into your maintenance routine, you can extend the lifespan of your equipment, buildings, or products, saving on replacement costs in the long run.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

Getting Started

We are here to meet your needs in any way we can. We value our customers and treat them like family from start to finish, and you will see the results for yourself. Let us know what you want to achieve, and our team of painters makes your dream a reality. We are happy to serve you and your business. If you would like to get your quote, contact us today.

TIPS Awarded Vendor

TJ’s Professional Painting is an Awarded Vendor through the TIPS Purchasing Cooperative. As an Awarded Vendor, TJ’s offers TIPS Members the opportunity to get special pricing without the delay and expense of going out to bid. Through the TIPS program, TJ’s is able to save agencies both time and money, while delivering painting, power washing and additional services

TJ’s Professional Painting and Construction, LLC

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Our Certifications

Projects require knowledge & expertise and TJ’s Professional Painting is certified and ready to get started!

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We understand that quoting can be a time-consuming and daunting task. That’s why we offer a fast, thorough, and complete quoting service. We’ll work with you to understand your unique needs, and then provide you with a tailored quote that meets your requirements.

Build A Plan

A fast, thorough job begins with a complete plan. Our team will work with you to create a plan that meets your timeline and expectations while keeping safety a top priority. Once we’ve confirmed all the quoted items, we’ll get to work and have your job done in no time.


When starting a new project, we have a tested and proven process.  Our team is trained to be thorough and efficient while providing our clients with the highest quality of service.  Communication between our client and our team is key to successfully completing the project on time.

Our Guarantee

At TJ’s Professional Painting, we take pride in the quality of our services. We only use the best materials and construction methods to ensure that our work is built to last. That’s why we offer a 1-year limited warranty on all of our services. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of our workmanship, simply reach out, we stand behind our finished product and guarantee your satisfaction.