Redbird Skateland

Redbird Skateland – Fun For the Whole Family

Get ready to lace up and hit the ice at this local favorite! You’ll find plenty of fun activities here for the whole family.

This basic, family-oriented roller rink offers skating lessons and hosts kids’ birthday parties. You can also show up for skating times each Thursday night and during weekends. Read on to learn more.

Toddler Skate Times

When your toddler is ready to get a little more speed on their skates, you can take them to one of these roller rinks in Dallas-Fort Worth that offer special kid-friendly skating times and budget-saving discounts. With disco balls and thumping music, these places are sure to get kids grooving!

SkateTown in Plano offers public skating times, homeschool skate time, and even a weekly session just for toddlers! They also offer skate trainers to help the little ones gain stability. This rink also hosts Cheap Skate on Wednesday nights and skating lessons each Saturday morning!

Adult Only Skate Times

If you want to get a little skating time in without the kiddos (or just need a break from them), check out the Adult Only Skate times offered at this family-owned and operated rink. You’ll also find Thrifty Thursday nights where adults can skate for a discounted rate, and open skate afternoons and evenings throughout the week.

While your average roller rink tries to keep things pretty dark so the disco ball and neon strobe lights can shine, this place doesn’t seem to mind turning up the music. We’re talking about the type of music that sounds like it came out of a stereo that’s been on repeat for about 30 years. And if you’re looking for a good spot to practice your dance moves, this one is the best in town. Just don’t bring the kids if you plan on jamming to ll Biv Devoe. The security will kick you out if you do. A must-see place!

Thrifty Thursday Night Skate

If you’re looking for a more intimate skate center experience, this place is the ticket. While most rinks try to keep things dark so that the disco ball and neon strobe lights set the mood, this place has windows. It’s also super clean and sterile. But it’s still a fun time.

Six bucks get you admission and skate rentals, and they have an Adult night on Thursday nights where it’s just you and a date (or your friends, if you want to be sexy.) There’s not much carpet here, so if you’re a carpet-phobe this is the perfect spot for you. And it’s always a treat to watch the expert skaters. The guys who skate-dance like Justin Timberlake would if he got into it. That casual smoothness that looks so effortless and not at all like they’re trying too hard. Then you’re on to the guy with the ponytail whose skating skills are so well-preserved that they’ve almost become museum pieces.

Open Skate Afternoons & Evenings

If you want to be a big kid again and go skating with your date, head to the outskirts of Duncanville on Thursday evenings. This classic rink hosts adults-only skate from 8-10 p.m. and costs only $2 per person, including skate rentals. Plus, if you mention that you are with YP, half the cost will be donated to the Dallas-Fort Worth Urban League Young Professionals.

The basic, family-oriented roller rink is a DFW neighborhood favorite. They offer skating lessons, host kids’ birthday parties, and have a Friday night pizza party special that is included with the admission price! They also have a regular afternoon open skate. Skate and rollerblade rentals are available. They are one of the rinks in DFW that offers blacklit glow nights, so be sure to check out their schedule! Click here for more interesting articles.



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