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Dallas Warehouse Painters

Your warehouse is a busy place and likely vital to the functioning of your business. The process of painting it will mean covering up the space, moving items and many other steps to allow us to get to the walls and clean up any damage, prep and paint. TJ’s Professional Painting and Construction, LLC can work with you on your scheduling needs and assist putting together a plan that will keep our crew and your employees working efficiently.

Warehouse Painting Challenges

Getting your warehouse painted will likely mean moving a lot of equipment, shelving and more. Plus, there can be multiple levels comprised of steel steps and wooden decking. To get any space properly painted, we must be able to check the condition of the walls, repair sheetrock, sand, and prime before we can paint.

The Equipment Used to Paint Your Warehouse

Once the repairs are done and the walls are ready for painting, the project will go quickly. In addition to our warehouse painting services, we also paint commercial buildings, factories, and tank farms. Thanks to our exceptional crews of warehouse painters and quality on-site supervisors, TJ’s Professional Painting and Construction, LLC will bring in the tools to make the topcoat go on quickly and effortless. In addition to lifts, we bring a variety of paint spraying tools for a clean, even finish.

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Warehouse Ceilings, Walls and Floors?

Our warehouse painters can do far more than just walls. What kind of shape are your floors in? Have the metal members of the ceiling been checked for rust? If you are going to go to the trouble of moving things, think about getting the concrete sealant checked out and the roof trusses thoroughly inspected for rust. If you are at risk of corrosion, it’s better to know if you have any and how extensive it is so you can treat it and protect the metal with a quality coat of paint.

Employee Protection

One of the biggest challenges of renovating a warehouse is that more people than usual are using doorways and walkways. It’s important that setup includes masking to prevent paint and dust from traveling from the worksite into other areas of your facility to protect your employees. In addition to warehouse painting services, we have a great deal of history painting hospitals and office buildings. Our masking techniques will also protect your carpets, furniture, and air quality as well.


TJ’s Professional Painting and Construction, LLC has worked in the Dallas TX region for more than a decade. During that time, the science of paint has changed drastically. Paint formulations and additives are exposed to a great deal of scrutiny by government agencies, and paint manufacturers are always exploring ways to improve their product lines to offer better quality paints to commercial painting contractors.

The Expertise Your Commercial Business Needs

We have experience working both indoors and out, which in turn has increased our knowledge of the science of paint. Moreover, we have experience in a variety of application techniques. Our warehouse painting services crew can provide an abundance of knowledge on what paints work best in which applications and other options that may be available to you.

Expect More Than Just an Estimate

Contracting a warehouse painting company means that you need to juggle many items. How will your warehouse employees get their work done and get things moved so painters can mask the space and get started? If you’re getting floors etched and a fresh coat of epoxy applied, everything will probably need to be moved from the space before the work can start.

These challenges can make scheduling a warehouse painting job tough. However, our supervisors and estimators offer more than just the pricing you would get from an average warehouse painting company. We have painted numerous warehouses over the years and can assist you as you plan for all these disruptions.

Dallas Warehouse Painters

This is our home and your warehouse is more than just a job to us. If you’re ready to work with a commercial painting crew that has experience in Dallas TX and a great deal of history in the region, contact us for a budget plan and suggestions on scheduling to make this process as simple as possible. Change can be hard, but we will make the disruption to your employees as painless as possible and you will love the results.

TJ’s Painting has a long history of working with clients to get their warehouse in great shape. Not only will the space look great, but by checking all metal in the building structure for corrosion will add years to your building. If you’re ready to get the floor stripped and re-sealed, we can help you turn a tired concrete slab into a quality work surface as well.

If you are ready to make your warehouse look like a brand-new space, give TJ’s Professional Painting and Construction, LLC a call today.

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