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Tank Painting & Containment Coatings

Preventive care and maintenance of storage tanks can extend their lifetime and delay the need for replacement. Regular painting helps prevent corrosion and the effects of the weather as it protects against pollutants in the air. At TJ’s Professional Painting and Construction, LLC, we specialize in industrial tank painting. We apply coatings for industrial, agricultural, municipal and commercial uses throughout the greater Dallas area. For more than 10 years, we have provided safe and efficient service to facility managers on time and within budget.

Choosing a Reliable Industrial Contractor

The application of painting and containment coatings requires years of experience and the acquired skill that accompanies them. When you choose us to help preserve your company’s physical assets, we assure you of the highest quality of professionalism that accomplishes everything that you need. We value the trust that you place in us, and we commit to honoring it. Our flexible schedule lets us respect your time constraints, and our painters can work on weekends to prevent downtime.

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Serving Essential Industries

Our clients in all sectors of the market need expert, professional care to maintain storage tanks and containers in the most effective clean and sealed condition. In our years of experience, we have served companies that provide essential services in these industries and others.

  • Aeronautics
  • Agriculture
  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Industrial factories
  • Municipal water/wastewater
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Power generation
  • Tank Farms

We offer our expert service to assist in the upkeep of offices and malls, store facades and commercial buildings as well. Our expertise assures you of satisfaction and compliance with your standards and specifications. We provide coating and containment services in Dallas TX to mitigate issues relating to environmental challenges, tank safety, appearance and product integrity. Whether you need a regular maintenance program to accomplish your storage tank painting requirements or a single service, our team of licensed and insured professional painters can provide what you need.

Using Best Practices

Our project managers lead our teams in delivering the level of quality that distinguishes our reputation for outstanding work as industrial painting contractors. Site surveys take some time to complete, but we find that they provide highly valuable information before we begin a project. Your requirements and specifications give us a guideline to observe in recommending the best paint and coatings for your containers.

We start each job with a pressure wash and ecofriendly cleaners to remove any debris or sediment, and we may sand any areas that need it. Our procedures ensure the application of paint and coatings at the optimal time that gives each job a professional appearance and lasting quality.

Maintaining the Latest Equipment

We honor an obligation to each client and our professional paint teams to update and maintain the latest equipment. We know that we can provide the most efficient and least wasteful jobs by equipping our tank painters with the best tools on the market. Our regular training program makes sure that each team member receives instruction in using new and advanced pieces of industrial painting equipment as they come on the market. We perform routine maintenance on all our equipment to ensure the delivery of excellent results on each job.

Staying Current on Paint Characteristics

As industrial painting contractors, we have a depth of knowledge of the chemical properties of paint that enables us to know what to expect. We understand its application characteristics, coverage and durability on a range of substrates. We know the weather extremes in the Dallas area, and we can keep a job on schedule when they occur. Our ability to complete projects in challenging environments helps us accept contracts that others may not.

We can recommend paints and coatings for industrial tank painting that help resist the accumulation of debris, dust and dirt that may contribute to the appearance of your assets over time. With the advances in paint and coatings chemistry, we can offer products that can seal out water as well. You can rely on our experience and expertise for recommendations of paint products that have excellent adherence and the durability to meet your expectations. Our knowledge of the characteristics of industrial paint products can serve you well when you decide to preserve and protect your physical assets or upgrade their appearance.

Achieving a Perfect Application

The inherent risk of painting or sealing a tank inhibits attempts by amateurs to do the work. Lack of knowledge of the paint characteristics for a specific job creates hazards and increases the likelihood of an incomplete application. Ladders and rigging that allow our paint teams to scale heights and descend to depths ensure safety. Our years of experience contribute to a record that gives the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) no concerns.

At TJ’s Professional Painting and Construction, LLC, we create perfect outcomes by choosing the proper product for the Dallas TX environment, temperature, and humidity. With all external matters carefully evaluated, our vetted paint teams apply it with high standards of expertise that achieve a professional finish. We guarantee our storage tank painting, and our licensed and insured painters represent the most experienced and skilled craftsmen in the area.

Everyone who enters your job site carries our reputation for excellence, and we never hire any subcontractors to do our work. Our vetted tank painters pass an intensive background check, and they work directly for us. Fully accountable for accomplishing each job and meeting the highest requirements, our teams make us proud of the projects that they complete for our clients in the Dallas area.

Practicing Safety on the Job

We respect your safety policies and values as much as we do our own. Our safety practices conform to OSHA guidelines to protect our paint teams and your workers from hazards. We take every precaution with heights, chemical odors and confined spaces.

Offering Superior Customer Service

Our professional teams can provide an extended service plan or a single upgrade of your company assets. We honor a commitment to complete each job with the highest level of quality and efficiency. Our services feature the application of lasting containment finishes that provide the protection that extends the life of your assets. We invite you to call TJ’s Professional Painting and Construction, LLC and let us give you a service quote.

Trusted Partners

We have developed relationships with our partners and know we are getting excellent products at the best possible price. We also have access to design experts to advise us on complex solutions.

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