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Even during tough economic times, many consumers are committed to supporting local shops. Help them to support your business by making your retail shop or strip mall stand out with fresh paint. Paint has amazing transformative powers. It can get a store noticed even if it’s not in the best location. When you’re ready to attract more customers to your business, TJ’s Professional Painting and Construction, LLC can help.

Reinforce Your Brand With Paint

You rarely play it safe. That’s why you’re in business. You had a unique idea, and now you want to share it with the world. For your boutique shop or retail store, a generic paint job just won’t do. Use your storefront to reinforce your brand image. Branding involves creating a positive emotional bond through your logos, slogans, colors, and the way that you treat each patron who enters your store. While you focus on customer care, let us bring your storefront in line with your company’s brand with a new application of exterior and interior paint.

Great signage is costly. After investing so much in signs for your building, let them reach their full marketing potential with a freshly painted building. Choosing the right paint hue for your building’s exterior can make your sign color really stand out. These colors are often the same ones that your marketing team has chosen for your company’s website theme, stationery, and business cards. If you need help making your company colors look amazing on your storefront, give us a call. Our color consultants have many years of experience combining colors to match business brands.

While exterior painting can help customers to recognize your store brand from a distance, interior paint can help to bring them back again and again. Attractive interior paint makes customers feel welcome and appreciated. Some colors can even give your product lines a more upscale appearance. Accent walls in black, burgundy, or violet often lend an unmistakable air of luxury to a retail space.

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Outshine the Competition With a Freshly Painted Exterior

Gentrification is on the upswing in many areas around Dallas. Whether you own a strip mall in Mount Auburn or a boutique shop in Deep Ellum, you’ll need to keep up with upscale trends that are happening in your area. While surrounding competitors are scaling back, retail store painting allows you to refresh the look of your property without incurring heavy expenses for a full-scale construction project.

Even the highest quality exterior paint fades, peels, or chips over time. To outshine the competition, it’s best to regularly restore your building with fresh paint. A fresh application of paint helps customers to know that you care about your business, and they often reward companies that have aesthetically appealing storefronts with repeat business.

Boost Employee Morale With New Paint

Take good care of your employees, and they will take good care of your customers. This is the credo that has launched many successful businesses into superstardom. One way to inspire confidence in your workforce is to take care of your retail space with paint. Top-shelf employees don’t want to come to a work site every day that’s dirty, dingy, or covered in graffiti. When you put your storefront on a regular painting schedule, you never have to worry about your storefront’s appearance bringing down morale.

The right interior paint colors help to energize the sales floor and inspire productivity. At TJ’s Professional Painting and Construction, LLC, we suggest interior colors that align with your company’s culture, marketing needs, and space layout. We also pay attention to the details that set novice painters apart from professionals such as lighting considerations.

Protect Your Commercial Real Estate Investment With Paint

Your business delivers true value to your community in more ways than one. You and your employees derive income from the products that you sell or the services that you offer. Your customers conveniently get products or services that they need when they need them. It’s critical that the building that houses your company’s operations is well maintained. Painting provides a barrier between your structure’s siding and outdoor elements such as water and insects. By keeping a regular painting schedule, you’ll extend the life of your building.

Increase Your Property Value With Fresh Paint

Every business has an exit strategy. It’s just part of being a successful entrepreneur. When you need to sell your stand-alone retail store or strip mall, nothing says “buy me” like fresh paint. With new paint, your property will look well-maintained, and it will command a higher sale price than similar properties in your area that show neglect.

6 Signs That Your Storefront Needs New Paint

Thinking about hiring a commercial painting contractor to refresh your retail space with paint? If your property has any of these issues, then a retail space painting project is the right investment for you.

#1 Branding Changes

Got a new logo and company colors? The color combinations on your building will need to be updated as soon as possible to retain a consistent brand image for your customers.

#2 Fading

Paint colors that have been sun bleached to a chalky shadow of their former glory need a quick refresh to inspire confidence with new customers.

#3 Peeling, Cracking, and Bubbling

Storefronts that have peeling, cracking, or bubbling paint are eyesores in the community. Update your building’s paint to improve commercial property values in your area.

#4 Mold and Mildew

Buildings that are covered in mold and mildew look dirty. Make your customers feel welcome by replacing moldy and mildewed exteriors and walls with freshly painted siding and interiors.

#5 Dry Rot

You got a deal on a fixer-upper retail space, but portions of the building’s siding show signs of dry rot. You’ll need to make repairs to the siding and paint the building.

#6 Graffiti

Retail shops that are tagged with graffiti give the wrong impression to customers and anyone visiting your community. Make your business look like a safe place to shop by getting rid of all traces of graffiti. High-pressure power washing removes graffiti but can damage paint when done improperly. A professional painting contractor such as TJ’s has experience restoring commercial buildings that have been damaged by vandals.
TJ’s Professional Painting and Construction, LLC is a licensed and insured commercial painting contractor that specializes in retail store painting in Dallas TX. We offer on-site project evaluations, color consultations, and detailed written estimates. Our responsive staff, quality craftsmanship, and peace-of-mind warranties help to ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed. Call us today to set up an appointment to get started.

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