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Painting Services for Industrial Needs

If your industrial building and equipment need to be painted or repainted, TJ’s Professional Painting and Construction, LLC provides a variety of industrial painting services. We know that industrial businesses have special compliance requirements, and our painters have experience in applying the right types of paints and coatings to different pieces of equipment or building surfaces. We take pride in our reliable and professional services.

Interior Industrial Painting

Our painters handle floor, ceiling and wall painting or covering. Wall and ceiling paint or coating helps reduce moisture buildup and damage. We can also paint or coat interior structural features, such as metal columns or wood support posts. You may also want electrostatic painting for lockers or grounded metal objects. Whether you know what you need or want suggestions, we can help. Many customers also request epoxy paint or coating for interiors. In addition to protecting concrete from cracking, it makes it easier to clean up liquid or oil spills. Since industrial paints often contain long-chain polymer molecules, they are better at bonding to concrete and steel. They also create a more flexible coating that stands up well to the tough demands of industrial work.

Exterior Industrial Painting

Protecting the outside of your building is just as important as maintaining the inside and your equipment. With exterior paint, your building has a better defense against moisture. This helps prevent rust on metal siding and helps prevent mold. If you see cracking paint or have exposed siding, it is probably time to paint. We can apply paint to all types of substrates, and we are happy to help you select the right color or combination of colors for your needs. Rest assured that we will properly prepare the exterior, including power washing and any necessary caulking, sanding or patching.

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Industrial Equipment Painting

Our painters are familiar with a wide variety of industrial coatings for equipment. Perhaps you need clean room coatings or coatings for pipes and machines. We know how to choose the right type of coating for the type of equipment surface. Since we serve tank farms, we also handle linings for tanks and other containers. Because there are such heavy demands for all types of industrial equipment and tools, it is important to have a painting maintenance program for better protection. Based on your operations, volume of use and other factors, we can make some helpful maintenance recommendations.

Benefits of Industrial Paint Services

The most significant benefit is having a professional come to apply the right types of paints and coatings. For machines, keeping them painted and maintained may help prevent premature failure. You may also learn more about interior and exterior paint choices and finishes when you work with a professional. Another major benefit of high-quality paint is that it reduces corrosion risks for metal equipment, machinery or tools. This also applies to metal building exteriors. You also have a great deal of versatility with industrial paint and coating products. The scope of projects that a full service industrial painter can accomplish may surprise you.

Energy efficiency is another benefit with special coatings and paints. Since many of them create a flexible seal, they can help retain cool or warm air. During a hot Dallas summer, this is especially helpful. In addition to their durability, industrial paints and coatings improve aesthetic appeal. For example, if you have a concrete floor and a lot of liquid spills, you may notice more stains. Epoxy paint can completely change the color for a more uniform and attractive look. Also, interior and exterior paint can make employees feel a little more comfortable, and any other stakeholders who visit are more likely to notice your efforts to make the industrial space look nice or to protect your equipment.

What Happens During the Painting Process?

The length of time that it takes to complete a project depends on the types of machines or equipment, the size of the project and several other factors. We can give you a more accurate and specific time estimate when you share more details about your plans. For smaller jobs with simple interior or equipment painting, we may be done in a weekend. Large-scale projects may take more time. If you want us to paint during your operating hours, our painters will try to work around your staff. Since they are skilled at working even in challenging environments, they know how to work safely and diligently. The ideal choice for machinery is to paint it during a weekend or when you have a planned closure for maintenance. Based on your individual needs, we will explain the steps we plan to take for your project. Rest assured that we will work efficiently to get the job done quickly without sacrificing quality.

Why Work With Us for Your Industrial Painting Project?

One of the benefits that sets us apart from many other painting companies is that we only use our own employees. We perform thorough background checks, test applicants’ skills and make sure that they have good character. Many painting businesses send independent contractors or subs to complete their projects. Since our top priority is customer satisfaction that we can confidently guarantee, we do not try to save a little money by sending out someone who does not work for us. These are some of the other benefits of working with us:

  • We stay within budget and finish on schedule.
  • We meet all types of industrial and heavy commercial painting needs in the Dallas metro area.
  • We utilize the latest techniques and equipment for excellence and efficiency.
  • We are fully licensed and insured.

If you are looking for a skilled industrial painting contractor, we have more than 10 years of experience. We are especially skilled at developing strategies to minimize downtime and any financial impact for you. For professional industrial paint services in Dallas TX, please call TJ’s Professional Painting and Construction, LLC. We will be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

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