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Commercial Exterior Painting

If you are considering or are ready for commercial exterior painting, TJ’s Professional Painting and Construction, LLC is ready to help you get the job done. We understand that time is money, and any type of unexpected delay or shutdown can be costly to you. This is why it is important to hire a professional commercial painter instead of a handyman. Only a professional can identify issues that may otherwise create delays or obstacles and develop a plan to address them. Our team takes pride in doing excellent work, staying within budget and finishing on time.

Consultation and Estimate

Our first step is inspecting the property and learning more about it. This helps us give you a more accurate completion time. We consider the building’s features, size, condition and other aspects. A technician will work with you to schedule the painting project and develop a plan to minimize interruptions to your operations. You will also receive a free estimate.

Cleaning and Preparation

When we arrive, the first task is preparing the exterior. We thoroughly clean the outside surfaces first and often use a power washer to wash away chipping paint, dirt and debris. Depending on the building’s condition and siding material, there may be scraping, sanding, caulking and patching to do. If there are removable features, such as outdoor wall lamps or address numbers, we remove those. Also, trenching is important if there is dirt, leaves or anything else against the building. This ensures that the paint reaches the ground or goes slightly below grade for an even look.

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Priming and Painting

We use primer that helps protect the surfaces from moisture. Primer also helps the paint stick to the building’s surface and produces a more uniform appearance after the paint dries. We apply paint after proper priming. Our commercial exterior painters know how to apply it to make it look even. If there is trim, we paint that carefully as well. Our painters replace any fixtures that were removed during preparation and clean up after themselves. Once the job is finished, we perform an inspection to make sure that the result meets our standards and your standards.

Benefits of Painting the Exterior of Your Commercial Structure

The main benefit is that your building can be completely transformed. This is especially true if you are painting it a different color or painting it for the first time. If the paint is chipped and stained, fresh paint can make your building look newer. These are some other benefits.

Build Your Brand Through Color

Today, many businesses have found the benefit of creating a stronger brand or rebranding. As the world of business continues to change, rebranding is part of a multi-faceted strategy that can save your business if technology or market disruptions are affecting you. To successfully accomplish this, a lot of companies choose a different color or set of colors to reflect a new or improved brand. Painting your building and trim to match can help people recognize your company and remember it.

Appeal to Customers, Buyers or Tenants

A fresh coat of paint sends a message that you care about your building. If you run a business from your building, patrons are more likely to feel like you care about creating a positive customer experience. If you plan to lease the space, you are more likely to attract better tenants who will also take care of the property. Good tenants want their customers to trust them, and they know that the image they put forth is critical. If you are planning to sell a property, paint adds perceived value.

Protect the Building Exterior

Paint that is chipping may leave a building exposed to humidity and seeping rain, which can lead to mildew and mold growth. If toxic mold spreads behind the walls, the problem can be hazardous to anyone in the building and can be expensive to remedy. When professionals paint your building, they also look carefully for cracks or gaps that need to be sealed or resealed. They use caulk and quality paint to create a protective barrier on the exterior. Another lesser-known protection benefit of hiring a commercial painting contractor is pest detection. A painter can see signs of termites during the trenching and cleaning processes, and a painter may find holes where rodents enter the building. Painters can also see signs of other pests that may otherwise remained undetected for a while.

Why Choose Us for Exterior Commercial Painting in Dallas TX?

We strive to be a top commercial painting contractor in the Dallas area. We specialize in painting a wide variety of commercial structures, such as aeronautics buildings, condo complexes, tank farms, strip malls, banks, educational facilities, medical facilities and utility or wastewater companies. Also, we can paint factories, warehouses and many types of manufacturing buildings. We also paint the industrial equipment in them. Our team can paint pharmaceutical equipment as well, and they have experience with applying special coatings. These are some other benefits of choosing us:

  • Our painters have a thorough knowledge of the characteristics and properties of paints and coatings.
  • With their skills and ability to focus, our painters can work in challenging environments.
  • Our painters are familiar with and use the latest techniques and equipment.
  • Since we have flexible scheduling, we can work on weekends and weekdays.
  • Our painters understand many substrates and how to select the right paint or finish for them.
  • All our work is completely guaranteed, and our employees are vetted and insured.

In addition to serving Dallas, we help customers throughout the metro area. Our commitment to excellence is the reason why many customers rate us highly and recommend us to their friends and acquaintances. Since we value you and your property, we only send our own employees to paint. You will never see a subcontractor show up at your door. We believe in hiring trustworthy and skilled painters, which is why we offer our service guarantee. Also, this is our way to show that we care more about quality and customer satisfaction than saving a few dollars. For a free commercial exterior painting estimate, please contact TJ’s Professional Painting and Construction, LLC.

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