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Commercial Interior Painting

TJ’s Professional Painting and Construction, LLC has more than 10 years of experience with industrial and commercial painting projects at businesses throughout the Dallas TX area. We understand all of the nuances that go into commercial interior painting jobs and ensure that all of our clients receive a finished product that lasts. We also know how to tailor our work to fit the size of the project, whether that is for a small store in a mall or the entirety of a multi-floor commercial complex.

The Commercial Painting Process

The first step that we will take once we start your project is evaluating your space in detail and determining how to effectively paint it. That will be followed by preparing your space for the painting process. One of the things that will be done at that time is ensuring that the areas that do not need paint will be carefully protected and will not receive any. This exclusionary measure will be done with things like tarps, plastic, paper and tape.

Once that is complete, our commercial painters, all of whom have been vetted and are employed directly by our commercial painting company, will start painting. They have been thoroughly trained and tested and have an in-depth understanding of the properties and characteristics of paint and the ability to apply a number of finishes to a variety of substrates. They are also familiar with the latest equipment and techniques and are determined to provide you with a quality result, which will be done with painting tools such as paint rollers, brushes and sprayers and the specific colors and types of paint that best fit the job.

The last step is ensuring that your place is returned to you clean. We will take everything that we brought in and have you ready to welcome customers and employees to your impressive new environment.


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The Colors

The colors that are used to decorate your commercial space will have a significant impression on those who spend time in it. Do you have any preferences? Regardless of if you do or not, we know how important color choices are and how color, light and detail create an ambiance and are ready to discuss your options with you. We will describe how we will create a space for you that does things such as sooth and spark creativity while having an enviable sense of character.

We also know that how a color appears in a brochure or elsewhere may not be exactly how it ultimately appears on a wall, which is often due to the lighting in the area, and will communicate the specifics of that as they relate to your situation.

When We Work

We know that one of the most important things that you consider when selecting a commercial painting contractor is the ability to limit how much it affects the running of your business. This impact can range from not being able to operate your business at all during these times to it simply being a distraction as your business operates around the paint job to it having a nonexistent impact as we work in your off-hours.

Fortunately, we know how to reduce the production downtime so that you do not experience financially adverse effects as a result of this project. We work with you to determine the best times to do this work and then do everything in our power to ensure that your business will be able to continue to operate as normal while this is done. Time is money, and we want this project to have minimal to no effect on your customers and employees. Our flexible weekday and weekend work schedules help that be the case.

We are also experienced with working in challenging environments and know how to do that in a way that both minimizes the impact of this project on the running of your business and is cost-effective.

Where TJ’s Professional Painting and Construction Works

Over the past several years, we have painted an impressive variety of surfaces in a number of environments. Some of our most common work sites are warehouses, commercial buildings, mall stores and the open areas of the malls themselves, restaurants, bank branches, offices, industrial facilities, and factories. Not only do we do commercial interior painting, but we also work on the exterior when that is necessary. One example of a place where this latter type of painting is often done is storefronts.

In the unlikely situation that you would like us to paint a structure that we do not have experience with, rest assured that our knowledge level and experience will allow us to adjust to the circumstances and provide you with a finished product that both of us will be proud with. Regardless of the layout of your business, we know how to access hard-to-reach areas and ensure that those look as good as the rest.

What Does Commercial Interior Painting Cost?

When we discuss what you need painted and how you want it painted, we will share an accurate quote that details exactly what you will be paying for and what your overall expectations for our interior painting services should be. Once we start on the job, we will ensure that we meet the time frame that was discussed in your quote.

Regardless of the specifics that we agree on, we guarantee your satisfaction. Everybody who works for our licensed and insured business is driven to ensure that you are not only satisfied with what we have done with your space as you inspect it upon our departure but also years down the line. While your job is being done, trust that it is being completed safely, efficiently and within budget. We are proud of our work as well as our safety record and want to ensure that you will be too.

To see how we can blend our artistic and scientific skills to provide your business with an impressive finished product, give us a call, or contact us through our website.

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